• PrintingFlexographic printing requires color separated art, metal engravings and rubber printing plates. Camera ready art must be color separated to exact size, and have sharp, contrasting print. Any work required to bring artwork up to camera ready quality will be billed at $60.00 per hour. Copy will be printed in the LOWER CENTER area of all bags, unless specified otherwise.
  • Printing CapabilitiesWe are capable of printing up to 8 colors on both sides of a bag, and up to 100% of the bag can be imprinted, except where noted otherwise. Process printing is available with a 25M piece minimum, and requires prior approval of artwork and a special quotation.
  • Plate Charge EstimatorThe following price chart should be used to calculate estimated plate charges for straight line art copy, when the SAME copy is printing on BOTH sides of the bag. Please note: When printing screens, half tones, 4 color process copy, bags less than 12″ wide, oversized copy (20″+), 1 side print or different copy each side, you must contact us for a quotation.
  • Printing Plate CostsFor each color, measure the farthest dimension of print copy for width and height and add 2 inches to each dimension. Multiply width by height to get total square inches per color. Use the chart below to calculate the plate charge. This calculation must be done for each color to be printed, and covers printing plates for BOTH sides of the bag. (assuming same copy on each side) Any copy measuring over 20″ requires a special details. 1 – 25 square inches $100.00 per color (G) 26 – 50 square inches $170.00 per color (G) 51 – 100 square inches $245.00 per color (G) 100 – 150 square inches $300.00 per color (G) 151 – 200 square inches $385.00 per color (G) 201 – 250 square inches $485.00 per color (G) 251 – 300 square inches $605.00 per color (G) Over 300 square inches Quotation Required (This chart does not pertain to 4 color process, screens, or halftone plates.)
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